Travel Note – 5 Aug 2012 (Cbr-Syd-Ho Chi Minh- Hanoi-Paris)

I am writing this entry on the 7th of August. Because I woke up way too early and couldn’t get back to sleep again 🙂

It was the longest journey that we’ve taken so far.

Started at 4 am on the 4th of August Canberra time and arrived to our hotel at 2 pm Paris time on the 5th of August.

Some notes from this trip are:
– The husband & I rented a car to go to Sydney from Canberra. They gave us the big car instead of the small one that we ordered. The husband complained because it meant we’ll pay more on petrol. They then waived the returning vehicle in a different place fee. We ended up paying $110 for rental & petrol of the car.

– No one seemed to be around in Canberra at 4 am in the morning 🙂


– Vietnam airlines suck! I will never travel with this airline again. There were times where it surprised me we didn’t drop from the sky. I kept thinking if I died in this trip, I haven’t even finished half my bucket list yet!

– Vietnam airlines stewardesses were the most rude stewardesses that I’ve ever encountered. Also they can’t speak English well enough and got me a bit frustrated.

This is one of the example:
Stewardess: what do you want? – calling my husband
Me: my husband is sleeping but he has ordered a vegetarian meal
Stewardess: We have pork and beef
Me: My husband is vegetarian. He doesn’t eat meat. So, no pork and no beef. Vegetarian.
Stewardess: *looking confused* can I see your boarding pass please?
Sorry, no writing here.
The Husband : I checked it online and it was on my booking
~ it goes on for a several minutes then,
Stewardess: So do you want pork or beef?

We gave up and chose beef. The husband only ate bread & butter.

– The toilets were appalling ! Mirrors couldn’t be closed or tapped on with masking tape, pee everywhere & smelly!


Another photo of the toilet:


– Vietnam was very interesting.

We ate this deep fried potatoes at the mall across the Ho Chi Minh airport


In Hanoi airport they sell frozen snake for less than $40. I’ll be on the border protection show if I even dare to bring this back home to Australia.


– Hanoi international airport reminded me of the Denpasar international airport


– The good thing of being short is I can straight my legs in the deluxe economy seat. Btw, the travel socks for DVT worked really well!


– We had a bad experience with the RER train from Charles De Gaulle airport to Paris. After waiting for 30 min, they said there that we had to changed platform, we did it and waited for another 30 min and they said the train wouldn’t run so we better catch a bus. We queued at the ticket office to get a refund and when we saw them, they said the train was running again. It goes on and on and we ended up taking about 4 hours from the airport to Paris.

But all tiredness gone when we arrived in Paris and see this:



2 thoughts on “Travel Note – 5 Aug 2012 (Cbr-Syd-Ho Chi Minh- Hanoi-Paris)

  1. Good travel note Uning…but I wish you would put more detail in your journey. The story about Vietnam Airlines is interesting…something like that..^^ Best regards from Japan

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