Style File – 15 July 2012 (Melbourne with Mei)

I am writing this entry on the 7th of August 2012.

On the 15th of July was my best friend’s birthday. We decided to go to Melbourne to celebrate her birthday this year.

I left Canberra to Sydney on Friday the 13th and met my girlfriend at the airport. We then flew Tiger airways to Melbourne.

There was a bit of “scene” happened at the airport because when we got in front of the check in counter, I was told that the flight was fully booked. I was not happy and said that someone from the company called me when I was otw from Canberra that the flight will be delayed and if we want they can put us on the later flight at 8.50 pm. So I said okay.

I got really emotional because I have arranged this trip about a month before. So the lady called her supervisor. The supervisor asked her whether she has checked our name in the system and she said not yet. The supervisor then checked it and yay! our name was there so we were all good to flew.

On Saturday, 14th of July, we had breakfast at Hutong dumpling restaurant in the city. It was so nice! Then we went roaming around the city and the shops.

When we were tired, we had teas & cakes at Hopetoun tea rooms at Melbourne CBD. I am so used to unfriendly restaurant staff in Canberra and found Melbourne wait staff are so nice and friendly.


The cake were yummy!! The red velvet cake was one of the best that I’ve tasted.


I love the interior of the cafe as well. It’s so Victorian.


Coming from Canberra where normally there were no people around after 5 pm, I was city struck. So many people everywhere even though it was dark and so many restaurants were open!

We decided to try a cocktail bar called Dar Reum. My students who used to live in Melbourne recommended this bar. It was indeed an interesting experience. We had to buzz in through the intercom in order to get in. The presentation of the drinks are very unusual.


I ordered the drink called “pharmacy” based on foursquare recommendation. It was indeed a very interesting experience. So I had to put the sour pill in the drink bottle and shake it for a few minutes before drinking it.

After that, we went to see a cabaret show at the Chapel on Chapel theatre. It was nice but not really my cup of tea. I got the ticket from lasttix so only paid $10 for it. I guess that’s not bad.

We arrived at the hotel a bit after midnight and talked until our voices ran out. Both of us had the flu bug so we kept coughing. My cough was worse than hers though.

I wished my girlfriend happy birthday and gave her the present. I got her a very cute swim suit 1960s style. It fitted her well.

At 8 AM on the 15th of July, we went to the car rental place. We got a red Barina. I like driving the car.


I brought the Sydney e-tags to use but at the end of the day, if I can turn back time, it would be better to get the $15 day pass from the car rental place instead. Reason being was: 1. There were places where the e-tag didn’t beep and we had to get the vehicle number registered in the tag, etc and 2. It ended up more expensive.

Today was the highlight of our trip. We went to the Peninsula hot spring bath in Mornington Peninsula.

We spent about 7 hours there and just chatting and relaxing.

If you’re going there, it’s recommended that:
1. Book in advance
2. Bring flip flops
3. Wear a bathing suit that you think it’s okay if the water ruins it. I wore a nice bathing suit one time earlier which became discoloured so I had to dye it again.
4. Bring your own towels, soap and shampoo.

After that, we went to Portsea hotel to have dinner and returned the car at the Tullamarine airport.

I was wearing:


– hat from Just Jeans
– wool jacket from Bettina Liano (Melbourne designer)
– yellow sweater from Zara. I got it yesterday for $14 ! (yay! Score :))
– tights from Sussan
– shoes from DSW shoes in Pasadena, LA
– bag from Miu Miu shop in Florence, Italy


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