Style File – 8 June 2012 (1980s Themed Party)

I am writing this entry on Saturday, 16 June 2012.

I haven’t been blogging everyday nowadays because it’s winter in Canberra. I don’t have as many winter outfit so somehow I don’t see any point to blog the same outfit again.

So basically, I’ll only blog if I wear at least one new item that never been in this blog.

On the 8th of June was one of my besties 40th birthday. Another one of my besties was having a birthday on the 7th of June.

Their other girlfriends throw a party for them with Polka Dot & 1980s theme. I love dressing up and the party was really nice.

At first I felt a bit out of place because I don’t really know most people at the party. I met them a couple of times but never really know them, you know what I mean. But it turned out to be okay and I enjoyed the night anyway 🙂

In the morning I was wearing pants that I bought at Sussan with a scarf from the same shop. Mid year sale is on in Canberra and it was not easy for me to not going shopping.


The jacket was from Forever New & the bag was from Prada shop in Florence, Italy.

For the 1980s theme party, I wore clashed colours. All cloths from Supre. Some jewelry from Diva and others from the Salvos shop.

My girlfriend, who is like a sister to me, did the make up. She’s a hairdresser & make up artist. She dressed like Madonna in the 80s for the occasion.



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