Style File – 16 June 2012 (AIA Canberra Dinner)

The Husband was commenting that I haven’t blogged for sometime now.

Well he was right. Most days I’m wearing black top to bottom with a different scarf that I rotate daily. So nothing really exiting. But then maybe I should still blog so I can work on my winter look for the future.

I have not been feeling very well for the past week. Didn’t even going to the gym even once! I feel really weak and even though I feel like going for exercise, my body just refused.

Maybe it was just phase due to the weather changes. Canberra’s weather has been -5 at night these days.

Anyway, I feel so lucky that at least my voice were out for me to do Emceeing at the Australia Indonesia Association (AIA) dinner tonight. AIA is promoting better people to people relations between Australians and Indonesians.

Every year they organise dinner as a fund raising activities and they’ll send all the money received to a village called Pelayen in Gunung Kidul area in Indonesia. So far, they’ve sponsored 170 children to go to school and even built a school for them there.

This year, our guest speaker was the former Australian ambassador for Indonesia, Mr. Bill Farmer.

My girlfriends & I performed belly dancing for the evening as well.

For the dinner, I was wearing a traditional Padangnese outfit. Thanks to my dad who bought the outfit for me in Bukittinggi area in West Sumatra island in Indonesia.



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