Style File – 4 June 2012 (Fun day)

I had a great day today! I only worked for half day and then my girlfriend & I went shopping for her birthday party this weekend.

First stop was Salvos in Fyshwick to find 1980s party themed clothes. My girlfriend found a mini skirt with metal studs, a neon colour singlet, a long sleeve top 80s style & some cool accessories. We spent almost 2 hours there! It took along time to find anything in that shop.

Second stop was DFO in Fyshwick. I found a bright colour pair of gloves that I can wear as legs warmer there. We also bought some 1980s inspired sunnies there.

Third stop was Costco in Majura Park. My girlfriend bought some chocolates for the goodie bags. Obviously we also bought heaps of stuff that was not even on the shopping list for the day.

Fourth stop was Supre in Majura Park. I bought my outfit for the party in this shop. My girlfriend also got some very cute leggings. I’m impressed to see how helpful & friendly the shop assistants are! Maybe because we were the only customers there at that time.

We giggled a lot & had heaps of fun.

After that I went to the gym & it was full of people! It was good because I feel so motivated when I see so many people were working really hard.

Today I was wearing the dress that I tailored in Bali. Sam from Show Me The Style told me to get rid of this dress because this doesn’t do any good for my body shape. I do agree with her.


The belt was from Alannah Hill, shoes from ASOS and the head piece from Diva.


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