Style File – 3 June 2012 (Birthday Morning Tea)

I went to the Hyatt hotel in Canberra for one of my besties’ birthday morning tea. It was a nice venue & nice to chat with my girlfriends.

Food wise, there were not many choices for warm & savory food but a lot of sweet food in the counter.

For $28 pp, we can have all you can eat food & drinks. The waiter was nice & helpful. So, all in all it’s a good value for money.

Actually my girlfriend’s birthday is not until next week, but because there will be another girlfriend’s 40th birthday next weekend, she decided to have it today. I think it’s very considerate & unselfish of her to do that.

I was wearing a dress that I tailored in Bali. The material is a lace that I bought in Italy. The bag is from Kate & Spade. Shoes are from Nine West.


Besides that highlight, the rest of the day was busy doing preparation for the week ahead. While cleaning, I was thinking to do something with my balcony and got these ideas from the Internet. Someday…












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