Style File – 2 June 2012 (Wardrobe makeover)

Today Sam from Show Me The Style went over to my place to give me a complimentary wardrobe makeover. She was so good! I learnt a lot from her.

Some notes from this experience:
1. Rules 3 & 5. It means that I have to accessories in 3 or 5 items with the same color. Rule 3 example if I’m wearing a red ring on the left, I can have a red statement earrings and a red bag.

2. I have to keep mix & match. So many ways to wear a dress with combining it with different accessories, blazers or layers.

3. I have too many cloths! If I feel like buying something, just buy accessories instead.

4. It’s important to have good blazers in different colors. The best shape for a really petite lady is the one with a wide lapel and only one button.

5. Don’t be afraid to mix & match color. Yellow dress can be worn with a bright pink belt, etc.

6. Wardrobe essentials: good tailored white shirt & black shirt.

7. It’s also a great idea to lay the clothes flat to style it so I know how it’ll look like.

This is a sample of the flat styling that Sam made for me. I’m so exited! Just like Polyvore but in real life!


Thank you Sam!! It was a really great session.

In the evening, I went to the Philippines independence day celebration at the Southern Cross club. I was there to support a girlfriend who was competing for Mrs. independence 2012.

I enjoyed the program & the beauty pageant was indeed interesting.

It’s unbelievable that this lady is a mum of a very young child!! How did she make the childbirth fat disappear?


Today I was wearing a dress that I’ve never worn before (tag was still intact) to the Philippines party. I remembered that my late mum was the one who bought me this dress. She reckons the color suits me. The bag was from Nine West and shoes from Paris Hilton.



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