Style File – 30 May 2012 (So Unfit)

I felt so unfit at the gym today. My trainer asked me to run as fast as I can on the cross trainer & it was so hard to do it.

The 20 second repetition felt like the longest time of my life and I just wanted the session to be over and done with.

I like boot camp but there is no way for me to wake up at 6 am in the morning three times a week in winter! So, I joined the Club Lime in Kingston. It has no contract & joining fee. I can cancel anytime with 2 weeks notice. Costs me $45 per fortnight & I can use their facilities anywhere in Canberra.

After the gym I had a Yoga class at Yoga Mandir in Braddon. It was so good! The 90 minutes class felt like only 10 minutes. I’m impressed that the trainer can remember most of the students name now.

It was embarrassing when I farted in the middle of a very silent meditation at the end of the session! LOL!! Maybe they were all in deep meditation so no one giggled except me who was cursing my self silently & lost my concentration!

One day I hope I’ll be able to do something like this:


Currently, this is how I truly feel though:


I have to keep telling my self,




also the most important thing:


Today I was wearing a dress that I bought in ICE shop for $25. The belt is from a skirt from Review. I Haven’t changed my Prada bag yet. The earrings are from Mimco & shoes from Charles & Keith.



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