Style File – 29 May 2012 (Korpri)

In my line of work an working hours and the actual hours that I’m working on my work are not the same. So even though I had 8 hours work today (including the night classes), I have just finished working on my work at 11 pm tonight.

But I really enjoy it. It’s fun and never boring. I have to read a lot and talking about currents issues.

There are times when I’m not busy though, if there are not enough students studying Indonesian or my students are on other courses. Then, I’ll be catching up with my friends and doing some projects.

Talking about projects, I wish I can have space and be as organised as the photos below.

All photos are taken from the net from various sources.

Shoes organiser. I wonder how many pairs fit in this one.



Pantry dream…


Built-in jewellery organiser:


Maybe I can put something like this under the bathroom sink:


Ideas for the linen cabinet:


Today I was wearing a dress that I tailored in Bali. The materials is actually an Indonesian public servant association (Korpri) uniform during the Soeharto era.

The tailor was a bit worried when I asked him to made the dress out of the materials for me because he didn’t want to get in trouble with the Indonesian authorities. Luckily I managed to convince him that he won’t get into trouble and told him that I’m only wearing this in Australia anyway. 🙂



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