Style File – 21 May 2012 (Hard Rock Bali)

The Husband & I have been to Bali many times because it’s the most affordable holiday destination from Australia and my family still lives in Indonesia. In fact, my brother is working at Hard Rock hotel in Kuta, Bali.

We haven’t yet stayed in Kuta area whenever we’re in Bali. This time we decided to give it a go.

The staff are friendly but this is usual
in Bali. We’ve never had any bad experiences so far. People are very nice, helpful & friendly.

The pool is huge! Reminds me of the pool in MGM Grand in Vegas minus the flowing river.

The bed was soft & comfortable. I had a great rest and sleep. Drinks & food are cheap compared to Australian standard but very expensive for the local standard.

If there is anything unpleasant is the corridor’s smell in our wing 6. It’s smell like cigarette smoke.

Today I was wearing a vintage swimming cap that I bought at the love vintage exhibition in Canberra sometime ago. I didn’t think it’ll work but I was wrong. It was apparently quite functional.


I saw a wedding set up near the pool in Hard Rock hotel earlier:


We also went for a walk along Kuta beach and this is the view of Kuta Beach from Centro mall:


The conclusion is everyone seems to enjoy themselves so much in Hard Rock hotel Bali, including these guys:



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