Style File – 20 May 2012 (Jakarta on Foot)

I’m so behind with my blog entry! It’s amazing how a day behind can effect the other blog entries.

The highlights for me on Sunday, 20th May were:
1. Morning walk around Pondok Kelapa area where my dad lives. Makes me appreciate how good Australia is. No smelly gutters, proper foot path and I’m not afraid to get run by a motor cycle while walking.

I saw many street signs & took a lot of photos of them so I can show them to my students.

This one is about the car battery. It says that you can contact the number if you car battery is not working.

This one is selling land for 500m2, 300m2 and 200m2.


This one is selling prepaid phone cards credits. It reads: if you buy Rp 5,000 Simpati credit , you pay Rp 6,000 and if you buy Rp 100,000 credit, you pay Rp 98,000 etc.


I also took photos of a street stall where the street vendors sell their fruit & veggies.


2. Meeting with my former students and had a chat about how life in Jakarta has been for them. They seem to enjoy the experience so much & they have even tried more things that I’ve done when I was living in Jakarta.

3. Off to Bali ! I was wearing a jacket that I bought in Ally clothing in Belconnen mall with my Miu Miu bag. This is me & my brother in Soekarno Hatta airport in Jakarta:



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