Style File – 19 May 2012 (The Wedding Part II)

Again I am writing this entry on the 20th of May.

So yesterday was my dad’s wedding day. He titled it on his Facebook page as “The Wedding part 2”, so all his Facebook friends congrats him and said “Happy Wedding part 2”.

In movies, it’s really rare to see a sequel which is as good as the first one. But, there are always exception, like “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” series for instance.

In weddings, it might be different than the movies. Most people
I know have a better life with the second one. Maybe they’ve learnt to choose better than the first one somehow.

In my dad’s case, both of the bride & the groom had experienced the death of a loving partner. I wish them both a second part of happiness in their life.

I will put my photo in this entry when I get back to Canberra. Somehow I forgot to take a photo of me using my phone.

This is what my dad and his bride wore on their wedding day:



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