Style File – 18 May 2012 (Jakarta again)

Again, I backdated writing this entry. I am writing this on the 22nd of May in a Starbucks cafe in Pacific Place mall in Jakarta.

This is the entry for the day the Husband & I left for Jakarta from Canberra.

We drove to Sydney airport at 5.30 am to beat the M5 traffic. Because we’re only going to 10 days, we put the car in a park & drive place and paid $135. We reckon it’s cheaper that way and more convenient for us.

My key points rules of what to wear to travel to Indonesia are:
1. Layers of thin enough clothes that can be peeled off as needed.
2. Shoes that are not closed off (an open top one & I can wear socks if needed but can be cool enough in a very humid weather).

So I was wearing a tank top from SES, a wool top from Witchery, a stripe top from Forever 21, a blue & very light top from Forever New and a Stripe jacket from Forever New with a scarf from Elk Accessories. I wore a black thick stockings and a legging on top of that as well as a short from Avocado. As for shoes, I wore a wedge with open top from Charles & Keith.

It was really cold and we found ice on the antenna of our car that morning when we stopped for petrol.

Approaching Jakarta, I took off most of my top layers except a very light & loose top and a jacket. I also took off my stockings. I couldn’t wear the shorts without tights for cultural reasons.


No make up was on when this picture was taken. I love trying on make up at Sydney airport. Except in Chanel counter where the lady was a bit too grumpy to let me try on the make up and kept saying “sorry, you can’t try that because of health reasons”. Well, that’s okay Chanel people, I just bought my make up top-up from the lovely assistant at M.A.C who didn’t only allowed me to try on stuff but taught me a few new things as well.


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