Style File – 16 May 2012 (Searching Peace)

My yoga teacher said that we have to think that our body is like a container and that breath fills it in to every essence. Once we are able to focus and concentrate at the moment then we’ll find peace.

Funnily enough when she said that, I was supposed to be “watching” my breath and concentrating on the movement that she told us to do, but I was only be able to concentrate for a few second and start thinking about random stuff.

I thought about what I might not have packed yet for the trip, my student’s exam tomorrow, and cursing Canberra on how cold I felt at that moment because even though I was wearing double exercise pants, one wool insert, long sleeve exercise top and a jacket, I still felt the coldness get in to my bones!

It is sound so easy to just breath and pay attention to my own body so I can understand it better. It’s just so difficult to do. So I am still on my journey in finding peace 🙂


Today I was wearing black. I was grumpy about the -4 degrees morning I guess and it’s just effect my color choice.

The top was from Alannah Hill, wedge from Gucci and still carrying my Prada bag.


Sometime I wish I could ignore the coldness of Canberra…



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