Style File – 14 May 2012 (Just Monday)

It’s just an ordinary Monday to me with nothing much happening. In the evening I should have done more work but instead I was procrastinating to the max.

Instead of working in the evening, I read 70% of a novel that I just bought on Kindle. Yesterday evening I finished another novel. I think I’ll get back to the classics now & should stop reading chic-lit for a while.

Currently, I’ve downloaded the Les Miserables, Jane Eyre, David Copperfield and around 7 other novels for the holiday to Indonesia next week.

On the net earlier, I stumbled on an article by Ellen Walker, Phd and she wrote:
“It seems to be tough for women who are emotionally bonded to their kids and into their role of a mother to believe that most childfree women truly do not envy them.”

Kudos to the writer with the well written article.

Today I was wearing my cashmere top for the first time this year. It has been so cold in Canberra! I bought the top from the USA and paired it with the necklace from the Love Vintage show and my favorite black Prada bag.



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