Style File – 13 May 2012 (Mother’s Day)

Today is Mother’s Day in Australia and most part of the world. My girlfriends and I participated at the Mother’s Day classic 5 km walk around lake Burley Griffin.

It was quite expensive, we paid $40, for a walk around the lake that normally free for all. But it was worth it because we’re supporting breast cancer research & programs in Australia. Today around 6000 people participated in the event.

There I met with the ACT chief minister, Ms. Katy Gallagher. I came to her and asked whether she was Katy G (our chief minister) and she said yes. I asked to take a photo with her and she was gladly accepted. Maybe she got used to taking photos with people.

The purpose for this photo is just to show how different a high ranking official’s way of life is in Jakarta & in Canberra. Katy is like the governor of Jakarta, if we compare one capital city to the other. I didn’t see that she had any entourage with her and she seems pretty normal. I mean like a normal Canberra resident who was enjoying the Mother’s day classic among another 5999 people there. I wouldn’t even recognise her if my girlfriend didn’t prompt me to it.

If she is a governor of Jakarta, I don’t think I’ll be able to stand next to her like this and I don’t think people (at least the entourage) will allow anyone to speak directly to her in the crowd without any prior notice to her close aide about the purpose of talking with her.


I was wearing my favorite lulu Lemon outfits and gave a tribute of this walk to my mother in-law who died of breast cancer in 2001.


Some people came with interesting outfits. Like this girl who didn’t mind me taking her photo for this blog.


The Australian government used this event to promote healthy life style and their website


Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in the world!! xoxo

Below are some sayings and jokes from the net for you all.

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