Style File – 11 May 2012 (Things Happened)

A lot of things happened today. There were good things and annoying things.

The good things were:
1. I got a call from the nurse saying that I must be really bloated now because my hormones retain fluid and my hormones levels are really excellent. She looks forward to hearing positive news from us at the end of next week. So *drum rolls*, we might end up with twins here.

2. The Husband & I watched “The Five Year Engagement” movie. It was really good & even the husband say so!

3. My student & I went to another teacher’s place for lunch, farewell and practice more Indonesian language. When we were otw back, the student said that she felt more confident in speaking now. Great news!

4. The husband & I went for dinner at Sammy’s in Canberra centre. I had the best soft shell crab in Canberra. So yummy!!

5. I got the confirmation that our hotel bookings for Hard Rock hotel in Kuta, Bali went through and we got a family deal for $110 per night. Not bad hey 🙂

The annoying stuffs:

1. Got up very early to be at the Ginnindera walk-in clinic at 6.58 am and we were number 8 in line. I got to see the doctor at 8 am.

2. I managed to convince the Husband to get an investment jacket from Saba in Canberra centre. It costs around $500 but it was worth it because it was 100% wool and he can wears it for years. He was also gonna get a camel colored denim pants that I thought looked really good on him as well. But we didn’t end up spending almost $600 in Saba Canberra centre because I lost my patience (which was really thin due to the hormonal treatment). The staffs were not really helpful to us. They didn’t ask to help us and when we were queuing in the cashier, they would rather chats for longer than necessary with other customers (some of them might not even gonna buy anything maybe), rather than receiving a ready money from us waiting in the counter to pay. I had enough & stormed out of the shop.

Bad things happened today but there
were more good things than bad things so it was a good day after all.


Today I was wearing a jacket from Saba (how ironic hey!) & a top from cotton on (got so many stripes top) with my Prada bag & jeans from just jeans. Shoes are from Charles & Keith and my earrings from Mimco.



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