Style File – 8 May 2012 (Inspiration)

I always need inspiration. Not only for something big like life goals but also for daily activities.

Today, I met with my former student and his wife for lunch. He inspired me to have a second mobile number when I’m in Indonesia for people who I don’t want to contact but feel bad if I didn’t give my number to them.

Generally in Indonesia people easily asking for someone’s contact details. Sometime it’s useful but some other time one could end up with unwanted calls or texts in the weird hours of the day.

After teaching the night class, I got hungry and based on a web easy recipe, I was inspired to make the corn in butter and cream cheese. So easy and it was yummy. Took me around 5 min to make it.

Recipe for Corn with Butter & Cream cheese:
1. Open the corn’s cans (I used 2 cans from Costco)
2. Put the corn in a pan with around 2 tbs butter and 2 tbs cream cheese


3. Add a bit of pepper and paprika
4. Stir for a while until all mixed well.

This is the final meal ( I also put chili in it)


Today I was wearing a top from Portmans, jeans from Just Jeans, Scarf from Laura Ashley, earrings from the mets shop, Tod’s shoes, Prada bag and Polo Ralph Lauren belt to work.

It was a bit too casual than normal because initially I planned to go to the doctor after work and wearing Jeans will be easier. But I ended up went back home again because the queue is heartbreakingly long.

I took the inspiration of today’s outfit from a Polyvore member, who made this style:


This is my version of the above outfit:



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