Style File – 7 May 2012 (Easy Mending)

I don’t know anyone except my late grandma who likes mending. The job is so simple yet it’s easy to procrastinate.

This morning, when I was going to wear my skirt, I’ve noticed that some parts of the skirt’s seam had came off.

It was too late to get the sewing machine out and I was just too lazy to do it by hand stitching. So the birch iron-on invisible mender came to the rescue.


To use this is very easy and cheaper than getting it done at an alteration shop:

1. Open the package
2. Cut the invisible mender to the size of the seam, make sure it is not wider than the inside of the seam.
3. Place it inside the seam.


4. Iron it with a hot iron.

And voila, you can wear the skirt or pants straight away. Total time was maybe less than 5 mins for me. But this is all depends on how big your material is.

Today I was wearing:


– cardigan : Dangerfield
– skirt : Review
– shoes: Gucci
– bag : Prada
– earrings: from the local hand made shop
– scarf: I got it online from somewhere


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