Style File – 6 May 2012 (You Learn By Living)

There was one highlight and two achievements for me today.

The highlight was our second book club meeting of this year. We called our book club “IbuIbu book club”. So far we only have 7 members with 6 active members (because one of us just recently relocated).

Meetings are held at one of the members’ place. The one who host the event can choose the book.

Today we discussed the book by the former US first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. The title of the book is “You Learn By Living, 11 Keys for a More Fulfilling Life”.

There are 11 actions that everyone should take to lead a more fulfilling life:
1. Learning to Learn
2. We have nothing to fear but fear itself
3. Make the best use of your time. “We have all the time there is”
4. The art of Maturity- “To be mature you have to realise what you value most..”
5. Readjustment is Endless – The key to handling life is to adjust when necessary. Happy people tend to be happy in spite of their circumstances.
6. Learning to be useful — “Happiness is not a goal, it’s a by-product.”
7. The right to be individual — don’t keep up with the Joneses.
8. How to get the best out of people — very little can be accomplished alone.
9. Facing responsibility
10. Everyone should take part in politics — vote, educate about who you’re voting for as a part of responsibility for your country and future.
11. Learning to be a Public Servant.

The meeting went well and we discussed the points and our opinions about the key points of the book. We reflect the book to our own experiences.

My first accomplishment for today was getting my necklace organised:


Well.. initially I want to make something like this,


but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to do it today given many other things that I had to do. So I’m happy with that one for the moment.

The second one was sending out my girlfriend’s birthday invite to people who matters the most in her life in Canberra. The birthday will be on the second week of June.

Today I was wearing a top from a shop called SES. This top only costs less than $20. I put on the cape that I bought from Country Road. The bag & shoes are from Tod’s shop in Italy.


Note: I ended up buttoned on the cape most of the time because it was too cold without it. I think it made me look bigger and rounder if I wore the cape like that.


2 thoughts on “Style File – 6 May 2012 (You Learn By Living)

  1. Love the cape AND the list of 11 actions. I remember reading a book in primary school on Eleanor Roosevelt. What an inspiring lady!

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