Style File – 5 May 2012 (Star Wars Burlesque)

The exiting thing today was going to the Star Wars Burlesque show at the Canberra Theatre.

We didn’t plan to go until this morning. The Husband and I had a walk to the city centre and went to had breakfast at Kindle cafe.


When we were there, we saw this poster,


and thought, why not going there for our date night. We got the tickets online, not the best seat in the house off course but it was cheap enough. We “only” paid $65ish per person for the show but it was on the balcony way back.


I enjoyed the show. The costumes were the highlights I guess. The girls were good as well. The MC was funny and it was a fun show to watch. Too bad taking photos were not allowed.

Today I was wearing an ASOS jacket and my favorite Miu Miu bag to the show:


It was a good decision not to turn out with the Darth Talon costume that I wore at a friend’s birthday party to the show 🙂

This is the Husband as Han Solo:


And this is me as the Darth Talon:



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