Style File – 3 May 2012 (Third Time)

What a long day for me today. I woke up at 5am so I could prepare for my classes before going for an ultrasound at 7.45 am today.

As usual, I spent more time than I planned to prepare so I was about 5 min late to the appointment. The nurse reminded me kindly that she would really appreciate it if I could come on time next time. Don’t know why but I didn’t feel guilty somehow. I was thinking, it was only 5 mins anyway, not like I’m late by 50 mins or something.

Classes went well today & I’m really happy. I enjoyed teaching the new big group. There is a different energy in me if I’m teaching in big group compared with one-on-one.

After work, I went to Curtin pharmacy to buy Pregnyl 5000 & 1500 for my third cycle this week. Pregnyl injections are so painful. It feels like someone punch me in the tummy everytime I have it. The after effects not really pleasant either. I can feel headachy, nauseous or just makes my stomach make a gurgling noise (annoying & embarrassing !).

When I got home, it was already 6 pm and I still needed to finish off the farewell book project for a girlfriend, get ready for farewell dinner and get mentally ready for the injection at 7.

The nurse said that there are two follicles so we might have twins if this cycle goes well.

I went to the farewell dinner at the Hyatt hotel, Canberra. It was a nice crowd, I had a good laugh & feel so relaxed. We wishes our girlfriend well for her journey & career.

It’s a bit sad though that among our closest friends only 2 of us can make it to the farewell. Well, this might not be a farewell anyway so maybe they made the right decision not to say goodbye for now because it may not be a goodbye after all. Note: I have said goodbye for the same girlfriend twice in this blog already!

Today I was wearing:


– jacket: Veronica Maine
– skirt: Review
– necklace: Mimco
– shoes: Charles & Keith
– bag: Kate Spade

This is what I wore to the farewell:


– dress: Morphosis
– shoes: Charles & Keith
– headband: Mimco


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