Style File – 27 April 2012 (Friday Catch Up)

Somehow I miss my friends & want to catch up with as many of them as possible today. As I only worked for half a day again, it was nice to catch up with two of my closest girlfriends over lunch.

It seems like a while since we saw each other. So nice though to share laughters & worries with people that we feel comfortable with.

When I got home, I called a good friend of mine to ask whether he was free to go for a walk. He was busy so I went for a walk around the area. Surely we’ll catch up sometime soon though.

Then I went for Belly Dancing practice. This dance looked simple but it requires a lot of practice in order to make our moves more natural.

Today I was wearing jeans to work & lunch:


– earrings: Mimco
– top: Sadie, Melbourne
– jeans: Jeans West
– jacket: Bettina Liano, Melbourne
– necklace: Elk & Six In Row
– sandals: Coach
– bag: Louis Vuitton


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