Style File – 26 April 2012 (All Tears)

The Husband is still not well yet. Luckily my afternoon student is away so I only have to teach half day today. We came home early and…

I watched Korean drama that made me bursts to tears. I don’t think I’ve cried over a movie so much since Marley & Me. The story line were about females in-mates who got jailed mainly because killing men who abused them physically & sexually. One of them got a child in the jail & had to gave the child up for adoption. They formed a choir group and sang in the big city, got abused by the authorities before the event. At the end one of them was executed to death.

It was a sad movie indeed. Now my eyes are all puffed from crying too much. I should have chosen funny French movie instead.

Anyway, today I was wearing a top that the stylist advised not to wear. I should’ve show some flesh between my neck & my boobs. The lower the better in order to create a longer body line. But this morning was so cold and all I want was to cover my neck from the blowing wind. I tried to put on a necklace to break the line a bit but I don’t think it worked somehow.


– I got this warm sweater from Beijing. It was really cheap, maybe only $8 or something but it was warm!
– skirt: Review
– tights: Diana Ferrari
– shoes: Tod’s
– bag: Louis Vuitton
– necklace & earrings: Mimco


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