Style File – 25 April 2012 (Anzac Day)

It’s Anzac day public holiday today and I didn’t even go out of our living room. We saw the ceremony on telly a bit though.

I spent my day with the Husband who is still recovering from his wisdom teeth operation. His face was swollen badly and it looked as if he was deformed or something. I feel his pain but he seems pretty tough.

My father in-law came to visit us and we had a conference call to the brother-in-law in the US by using the x-box 360 feature. It was amazing to talk via our big telly and his big telly and see each other from our living room.

We spent our day sitting side by side watching a marathon of TV Series. Sometime we had a break to have lunch & dinner and when I baked a cake.

Today I was wearing my LuluLemon exercise gear and thought I was going to go for a walk or something, until I saw the crazy wind blowing outside the window and decided not to.



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