Style File – 24 April 2012 (Wisdom Teeth)

The Husband had his wisdom teeth removed in the morning. The operation took about 1.5 hours.

So all I did today was going to the dentist, went to some chemists in search of the prescribed pain killers & antibiotic and assist The Husband with anything that he needs.

We had to go back to the dentist late afternoon because the bleeding didn’t stop so the dentist had to gave him a few stitches at the wound.

At night, he had some blended soup & drinks and got dopey at 8 pm.

I reckon the way the dentist treated & explained the procedure is better than the same operation that I went through in Jakarta. Well.. at least the electricity didn’t go bust twice & the scissors are sharp here.

Today I was wearing the outfit chosen by the Stylist:


– jacket: Forever New
– Top: Review
– jeans: Jeans West
– belt : Polo Ralph Lauren
– earrings: Mimco
– sandals: Charles & Keith
– bag: Louis Vuitton


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