Style File – 23 April 2012 (Over Cooked)

I had a very busy day today with cooking taking most of my day.

After my morning class finished, I taught my afternoon student to make Indonesian meatballs (bakso) and the cheesy short bread (kastengel).

When I got home, the husband and I made some soup in preparation for his wisdom teeth operation tomorrow. Not only soup, I also baked some entree, made fried cassava and continued baking more kastengel.

Then we went to Swing dancing. It was so much fun! We learnt about tandem Charleston today. Somehow I think the Mondays class are better structured than the other classes on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

When I got home, I was doing some more baking. This is madness! What’s going on with me today? Maybe it’s my Nigella Lawson day or something.

Maybe because I was doing nothing yesterday so today I became so energetic. I even doing some cleaning as soon as I woke up in the morning!

An over cooked & over cleaned day indeed.

Today I was wearing:


– necklace : Mimco
– dress & belt : ICE
– shoes : Charles & Keith
– bag : Louis Vuitton


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