Style File – 21 April 2012 (Kartini)

Today Indonesia celebrates Kartini day (Hari Kartini). Raden Ajeng Kartini or RA Kartini was born in Java on the 21st of April 1879. She was a daughter of an Indonesian officer who worked for the Dutch government during the Dutch occupation of Indonesia.

Kartini was the one who fights for female rights to go to school and learn how to read and write.

Many Indonesian females all around the world are celebrating the birth of Kartini every year. In Indonesia, there are a lot of activities to commemorate this day such as talks about females health, cooking competition, awards for prominent Indonesian females and many other things.

In Australia, there are not many activities happens in the Indonesian community except maybe within the Indonesian embassy.

Maybe a lot more people like me just have a silent celebration which is just remembering a female who historically plays an important role to my ability to be able to read, write, learn whatever that I want and make my own choice in life.

Happy Kartini Day to all my Indonesian and Indonesian at heart friends everywhere.

Today I was wearing:


– necklace: Elk accessories
– Cashmere sweater top: Style Di Vita, I got this from the US
– jeans: Promod, I got this from Milan, Italy.
– bag: Prada, bought from and shipped it to brother’s in-law place in Pasadena.
– sandals from Charles & Keith
– iPad 1 from Apple


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