Style File – 20 April 2012 (Snappy No More)

The week has been going so quick! I have been quite busy almost every night except yesterday when I slept at 7pm!

Hence the blog entry with no words on it. Thanks to the Husband who nudged me at around 11pm to remind me that I had not yet blogged for the day.

I have just realised that I’m not crazy with taking photos at every event anymore. I used to document most of my activities with my little red camera & diligently uploaded them to Facebook as soon as I got home.

Somehow, I don’t even check my Facebook that often anymore. Maybe once a week on Saturday morning if I remember. I found that my Facebook page is getting quieter, maybe a lot of people are like me and start to abandon Facebook as well.

Maybe if it’s not because of my family in Indonesia, I might follow the step of some friends who terminated their account.

I don’t know why I don’t take photos as much but maybe because nothing unusual happens. I hang out with more or less the same friends & go to many same places.

Even though somehow it’s still nice to take photos because maybe the fluidity of our friendship changes & also to see the changes in our appearance over periods of time.

Have a lovely weekend! πŸ™‚

Today I was wearing:


– Jacket : Forever New
– purple top : Diana Ferrari
– pants: Mossman
– sandals : Charles&Keith
– bag: Prada
– necklace: Diva


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