Style File – 18 April 2012 (Before iPhone)

Normally on Wednesdays night after work, the Husband & I, go dancing or I go for my Yoga class.

Tonight, He took me to Ruby’s restaurant in Dickson to make me feel better despite the cramps & hormonal thingy.

We had a lovely chat about things and after a while, we both reach for our iPhones & start reading emails, tweets & news. I think we stopped from time to time to talk about amusing things that we read.

When we got to the car, I started to think about what relationships were like in my parents’ generation when iPhone & other smart phone devices were not around.

In my case technology changes the nature of relationship & as long as we’re both happy then no problem. Somehow I reckon the “talk to me all the time during dinner” idea may be a hard thing to pull off in the current technology era. Maybe one day it’ll all change in to “talk to me in 120 characters or less” or “talk to me & I can only concentrate for 15 min maximum” (like YouTube).

Today I was wearing:


– Dress : ICE clothing. Got this a deal for $20 for this dress.
– Belt : Diana Ferrari.
– Necklace: I bought it in Rozelle market in Sydney for no more than $15.
– Bag from Prada.
– Shoes from Nine West.


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