Style File – 17 April 2012 (Hormonal)

In Indonesia it is very common for females to say that she is going to have her period or is having a period when someone asked how is she going.

The quite common conversation will be something like:
A: apa kabar? (how are you going?)
B: aduh! lagi nggak enak badan nih, kayaknya mau mens deh. (I feel shitty, looks like I’m having my period soon).

A female can talk about this freely with literally anyone. I witnessed someone even said this to her butcher.

Sometime I see this on someone’s Facebook status as well.

In Australia, expressing such thing is a social disgrace. It is taboo & people just don’t talk about menstruation cycle, let alone how much blood there is & how many clots are happening.

I don’t understand why this is. Someone told me because most Australian men feel uncomfortable to hear about these female problems and females don’t want to get unequal treatment at work if she discusses this.

Today I feel very hormonal & lethargic. Prolly because the effect of Gonal-F and Pregnyl injections.

After work, I met up with a girlfriend for a quick coffee then went to the swing dance class for a while. I only stayed for an hour at the dancing because I just feel so weak, dizzy, nauseous and other nasty stuff. Thanks to the hormone injections for the lovely side-effects.

Today I was wearing:


– Shirt : Polo. I bought this from the mall in Silk street in Beijing for $6.
– Necklace: Mimco
– Pants : Mossman
– Shoes : Tod’s
– Bag : Prada
– Belt : Friends of Couture


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