Style File – 16 April 2012 (Kastengels)

My highlight for today is making my first Kastengels (Indonesian style cheesy short bread).

Yesterday at the Belly Dancing practice, a girlfriend of my girlfriend from the Gold Coast, Lela, taught some ladies on how to make Kastengels.

When I arrived they were baking the Kastengels. I tried it and it was really yummy.

I asked Lela on how to made it and she said 500g of butter, 500g of flour & 500g of cheese (Edam & Cheddar). That’s all and put it in the oven for a few minutes in 170 degrees.

So today after work I went to a local supermarket and bought the ingredients.

These are the Kastengels before I put egg yolk & parmesan cheese topping:


This is the result:


I think it was too big and a bit ugly to look at. If it doesn’t look good, then something not quite right. It was crispy on the side but a bit too soft in the middle.

Since I’m a bit hormonal, I was complaining on why Indonesian food are hard to make & it just need a whole village to make a dish in order to make it quicker. The Husband then tried to create his own version. Quicker but out of the ordinary. This is his version of the Kastengels:


I know!! every Indonesian who knows what Kastengels are won’t believe the above picture is from the same dough with as the one before. It is more chrispier though but it just doesn’t look very nice after he cut it with a pizza cutter!

This is the last batch that I made. I made it much smaller this time & it became tasty & crispy. I reckon making Kastengels is too time consuming and I still have around 3/4 of dough inside the fridge.


Today I was wearing almost the same style with my style file on the 4th of January. It’s good that I have made this blog so I realised that I bought two of very similar skirts of different brands. The 4th January one was from Review & this one is from Minimal shop in Jakarta.


– Top from Kookai
– belt & earrings : Alannah Hill
– necklace : a gift from my former student
– shoes : Paris Hilton
– bag : Prada


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