Style File – 13 April 2012 (Personal Stylist Session)

What?! I’m a DD (Double D bra) cup? Seriously without going under the knife? This is unthinkable!

That was what I first exclaimed when Sam (short for Samantha) from Show Me The Style asked me to try on a DD cup bra in BrasNThing in Canberra centre.

My besties girlfriends gave me a two hours personal stylish session with Sam for my birthday last year. It was hard to find a suitable timing in her diary so if you have plan to hire her, you need to do it 6 months in advance not like me who left it to 3 months in advance to get a spot. So I had to pay 20% surcharge for doing it after hours and weekends. Lucky me, she waived that in exchange to finishing 15 min earlier.

It was a very interesting experience indeed. She was very friendly and knowledgeable. She asked me what I want to shop for. I told her that I want to buy a proper underwear to make me feel more comfortable. My bra straps often slip off my shoulders and I’m not sure whether they are a good fit or not.

I also told her that I am a dressy girl. I love dresses and not comfortable with wearing jeans. I found jeans show more of my muffin top and I hate that.

This is what we did today:

1. Stopped at BrasNThings and got my bra fitted. The girls there were very helpful and they can fit the bras for you for free. Apparently the DD is a good size for my cup but too big for my sides or back. So Sam had me downsize to D. Besides bras I got these shape wear undies.


She said the smooth surface on the bra is better for most clothes. She also taught me how to put chicken fillets on but said I don’t need them!

2. Second stop was at the jeans shop. She took me to Just Jeans. I have never shopped in Just Jeans before. It took a while to get the right fit for me. My self assessment problem areas are big ass, huge thighs & tummy. Apparently I tend to wear jeans higher than they should be. This was the one she chose for me:


Honestly I’m not sure about this one. I think it’s ugly. J-Brand and Mango are more beautiful I reckon! Sam said after alteration I’ll look good in it & will love it. She said to ask the alteration person to put weights when stitching the bottom seam so it’ll create a good line for me. The hard thing sometimes is to let go of my own control & habits. So, she’s the expert and I decided to trust her with her professional judgement.

3. We passed ICE clothing shop. I asked her what she thought of this dress and she reckoned it will look good on me. So I tried it on and it does look cute! I shall wear it in this blog sometime soon. I also got a matching belt and another one for fun.


4. She asked me what else I want to get. I said I need a top to go with my jeans. I hate it when I wear jeans and my muffin top over flows. I said I love Review so we went there. She also got me to try a very cute skirt. Unfortunately the colour in my size wasn’t available so they ordered it for me from Melbourne. This is the top that she chose for me. She said the ‘wrinkly’ bit of this top (she had a term for this but I forgot) is meant to camouflage my tummy.


5. We went to Diana Ferrari shop and there were too many people queuing so she just asked the shop assistant to keep some tops aside so I could try them later on after our session finished. I did and when I came out of the fitting room, another shopper said “you look delicious in it, what a lovely color”. So this is what I got (it’s actually purple but looks blue):


6. Sam reckons that a little jacket will look cute on me. She asked me to try on two jackets.


The other one is look like a Channel jacket without the material and price tag:


7. We went to witchery and she reckons I’ll look good in this wrap with my jeans. I also got a black underlay for winter. I never have enough underlays!

This is the wrap:


8. She showed me the Hub in Canberra centre where she gives makeover workshops and took me to the information counter to be a Canberra centre member so I won’t miss these workshops.

That’s all 1 hour and 45 minutes gone.

From those experience my conclusions are:
1. It would be better to choose a morning session on a weekday with a personal stylish because she will be less tired & quicker access to the change room with less shoppers around.

2. Good underwear is very important to every wardrobe. Bra fittings should be every 6 months. I have to make shape wear my best friend I guess 🙂

3. Colour is better for me as an Asian with Olive skin. Apparently brown or earth colours are not very suitable.

4. I have to accept that alteration is inevitable.

5. If I can re do this again. I’ll be wearing more comfortable shoes than what I was wearing today & bring heels or wedge with me for trying on clothes.

6. It was good that I wore a black tights and a slip on dress with black top, which makes it easier to get in and out of clothes.

7. It’s good to make sure you have money to splurge before the session, otherwise it’ll be a window shopping session instead.

8. Sam thinks it’s not nice to be associated as one brand girl. Like “Sass&Bide” girls or “whatever brand” girls. I do agree with her. It’s better to find your own style by mix matching the styles from a few shops.

9. It’s interesting that she took me to the shops that normally I don’t go to like ICE, Just Jeans & Diana Ferrari. It was also good for her to choose a discounted price or something affordable. I don’t know whether she did this only for me, coz I think she knows I love bargains (Asian blood), or she does this for all of her clients as well.

10. All the shop girls were really helpful because I was with Sam. I’ve never had so much assistance in the Canberra centre before. I think every time the shopkeepers see her they know they are likely to make a sale and so offer special service.

Will I do this again if I have the money? Bien sure! It’s so different to shop with a professional who can give you an honest opinion and good reasons why a particular look is better for you and why other not.

Today I was wearing:


– dress from Monteau Los Angeles
– shoes from ASOS
– bag from Prada
– earrings from Mimco


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