Style File – 12 April 2012 (Thursday Already)

Wow! It’s Thursday already! I had a long day today. Woke up at 5.30ish in order to prepare a new class. I always enjoy study or preparing something early morning than at night time somehow.

After work I went to the Yoga class. It was so relaxing and I feel so peaceful during & after class.

Then at around 8 pm, I had a late dinner to try on a restaurant for a venue of a girlfriend’s birthday party in June. The food was nice and the ambience were perfect for the party’s theme.

When I got home, I created some invitation samples for my girlfriend to send out to the guests. It is indeed hard to trim down the guests list in order to fit the venue. But, I think everything will be all right in the end.

Today I was wearing an Alannah Hill dress:


– top: kookai
– bag: Prada
– shoes: Gucci
– earrings: Mimco


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