Style File – 11 April 2012 (A Day of Plenty)

Today is my day of plenty. I had a lovely catch up with my friends and it was even a nice enough day to go walkejog (walking & jogging) around the lake.

My highlight was dinner at Lantern Rooms restaurant in Campbell for a girlfriend’s birthday. I really had a lovely time! We laughed a lot, caught up with each other’s lives and it was just nice and so relaxing.

The food was exceptionally nice from the starter to dessert. The tofu & eggplant entree looked simple yet it was so crispy and soft at the same time. I don’t know how they cooked the eggplant but it was really yummy.

Actually this is my second time going to Lantern Rooms. The first time was with a big group of people so I somehow thought the food was so so. It was nice but didn’t “wow” me.

Today because there were only the three of us, I felt more connection with the food, ambience and my friends. The staff were nice and helpful as well.

Today I was wearing:


– Cape from Country Road
– I got the scarf online, didn’t remember the brand.
– Pants from Minimal shop in Indonesia
– shoes from DSW shoes in Pasadena, LA.
– bag from Prada


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