Style File – 10 April 2012 (ONE degrees in April!)

It’s whinging time again in Canberra. Everyone I have met today including strangers when I walked around the lake to the Costco check out guy were complaining how cold today’s weather is.

Including me, of course! Winter-like weather is the big thing in our household. Normally I will start complaining as soon as I step in to the bathroom in the morning and will still be moaning about it until before we sleep. I just hate cold weather. I think it’s not natural somehow. And for someone who hates coldness, living in Canberra is just wrong.

I’m trying to “encourage” the husband to start applying to a warmer climate cities like Brisbane or Perth. It’s like a dilemma really coz for my job, the best option is Canberra. And I love my job. Whether I can justify my own whinging for the weather, hmm…

Seriously, I think I am over with complaining but I can’t help myself. A few years ago the Husband made a bet that if I didn’t complain about the weather for a month, he’ll get me the Mimco necklace that I’ve been wanting to get. Well… I didn’t complain for a month!!

The highlight today was catching up with my girlfriends for a girlfriend’s birthday afternoon tea. It was so nice to chat with the girls. Almost like the old days.

Oh.. I bought a jewellery mirror cupboard from Costco for $82 something. It was cheaper than the deal from Living Social. I have been eyeing on this since a few months ago but it was sold out then.

This is the look of the jewellery cupboard:


The only new outfit in this blog for today was my jacket from Reverse clothing.


The other stuff I’ve worn before:
– dress from Portmans
– belt from Cue
– earrings from Mimco
– shoes from Tod’s
– bag from Prada
– necklace was fresh water pearl bought in Indonesia


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