Style File – 9 April 2012 (Statue Town)

Last day of the four days long weekend. I walked around 11km and danced for 2 hours.

During the first bit of walking, I just realised that the ACT Government spent a lot of money on statues! I didn’t take photos of all the statues that I saw today but some of them only.

I’m not sure whether people in general appreciate these statues or just don’t care about these things. As for me, it will be more useful if the government built more government housing for the people in need rather than statues. I don’t know how much a statue costs but if we combine all of those statues,
it might save one or more families from homelessness.

Anyway here are some of the statues that I have seen today:


I feel the pain everytime I see this sheep statue coz it always reminds me of ultrasound or pap smear time! (ouch!).


Seriously is this “art”?


I have only one comment on this horn-like statue: why??


At least this one is really looks like a bird, not like “owl” I posted yesterday.


I don’t know what is this statue about. Looks like a family or something.

Anyway, today I was wearing a miss Selfridge sweater:



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