Style File – 7 April 2012 (Unless)

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It is not” Dr. Seuss in Lorax

That’s a nice quote from Lorax the movie that we watched earlier today. The quote was in relation of the trees and how we need to care for our environment. Very nice indeed.

Besides going to the movie in the evening, I didn’t do much during the day.

I spent almost 6 hours at a girlfriend’s place. She made me a very yummy lunch and we spent the day eating by her pool. It was a gorgeous Autumn day in Canberra.

Today I was wearing:


– the new thing that is not in this blog yet is the dress (worn as skirt) from Country Road.
– Top from SABA
– Necklaces from Indonesia
– Earrings from the Met shop
– sandals from Charles & Keith
– bag from Cole Haan
– belt from FCUK
– ring from Venice

In the evening I just put boots on and a tights as well as a Bettina Liano’s jacket:


Different hairstyle for a change.

Unless I try something new, I won’t know whether it suits me.

Unless I do something different, I won’t know whether I like it.

Unless I visit a new place, I won’t know how beautiful it is.

What’s your unless?


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