Style File – 5 April 2012 (Yoga)

I went to Yoga Mandir that teaches Iyengar Yoga after work today. It was my first time to Iyengar and I was impressed on how fit people are!

One of the ladies in the class was hanging up side down holding onto a rope with her feet!

It was interesting to know that I normally not feeling my body. In the class, I somehow can feel that my feet tend to press more to the side and I am more aware of my body than I usually am.

Maybe it is all too soon to tell because it was only my first session.

The other news for today is that I went for an ultrasound and it seems that I will be “hatching” this Easter weekend. So happy Easter to you all! 🙂

Today I was wearing:


– The batik dress (worn as a skirt) is from Ubud in Bali.
– other things I have put in this blog before.


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