Style File – 1 April 2012 (Cleaners)

The highlights for today are:
First – We had cleaners come to our place for first time. We got this living social deal for cleaning service and got a three hours cleaning out of it. Apparently if we bought 3 hours & 2 cleaners turn up it means, they will work for 1.5 hours.

The Husband & I always share our housework on Sundays. But we decided to have this because we couldn’t get the soap scum off the bathrooms’ showers screens and the black spots off the bath as well as bot being able to clean the bathroom shower tiles properly.

It was amazing to have professionals who know what they are doing come over. We were happy with the results and will have them come over monthly.

Second – The husband’s aunt & uncle came from Sydney for the Renaissance exhibition at the National Gallery. We went to see them at The Husband’s
dad’s place. It’s always lovely to chat with them and catch up.

Third – I had a lovely Sunday afternoon nap today. It was such bliss to be able to sleep like that. Sometime I do forget how nice sleep is until in a very rare occasion insomnia kicks in.

All in all, just a nice Sunday where we had 5.3 km walk, nice breakfast in Dobbinsons and coffee at the Mocan and Green Grout plus preparation for the work week ahead. Of course the highlights make this Sunday extra special.

Today I was wearing a dress that I bought at ICE shop for $10. This is one of my favorite dress in Summer time but sometimes I layer it during winter as well.


– Headpiece from Diva.
– Earrings from China.
– Cardigan from Cotton On.
– Necklace was a gift from a former student.
– Scarf – bought in Amsterdam, the brand is Joco
– Tights from Alannah Hill
– Shoes from Nine West
– Bag from Prada


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