Style File – 28 March 2012 (Easter Madness)

I hate being on Gonal-f. Seriously, this stuff makes me want to be angry but the thing is I don’t have anything to be angry about.

Work is good, I have good students who work hard. The husband is very understanding and always helpful & considerate. My girlfriends are nice & make me laugh from time to time.

The thing is this hormone treatment just make me feels hot inside. Like I need to be angry at someone or something. So maybe tomorrow I’ll go shopping instead. No correlation but still a good thing to do. 😉

The highlight for today was The Husband’s nice gesture to book us a holiday during the Easter break.

Initially we were going somewhere but then The Husband needs to get his wisdom teeth taken out. Then now I’m on this treatment & my egg hatching day is probably at Easter. So we had to cancel the dentist as well.

We tried on looking some places but it’s all too late now. The available places are outrageously expensive. So we decided to stay in Canberra and enjoy the quietness.

Today I was wearing:

– I designed the dress and got it tailored in Jakarta. So no brand or whatsoever.
– shoes from Tod’s , Italy
– bag – vintage Gucci bag from my late mum
– necklace from BCBG Max Azria



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