Style File – 27 March 2012 (Walkxercise)

Since I have to give up bootcamp in order to increase our chances for the pregnancy program, I have incorporated walking into my daily activities.

I have half an hour break at work so today is my second day using it to walk around the office building & its surrounding area.

So far the feeling was great. A bit of fresh air was a refreshing way to make me feel more energetic at work.

I also went Swing dancing in the evening. It’s really good to repeat the beginner class again. I feel that I can understand the movements better now. I got a bit confused with the turn footwork because it’s like the opposite start from Salsa and it just took sometime until I get used to it.

Today I was wearing:


– Batik dress from a market in Jakarta for A$10
– shoes from Charles & Keith
– bag still from Kate Spade (too lazy too change this morning)
– earrings from Swarowski
– headband from Mimco


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