Style File – 24 March 2012 (Yes Prime Minister)

Today was a perfect Autumn day in Canberra. Not too cold and the sun was out beautifully.

The Husband & I started the day by trying a Salvadorean food at the Gorman House market in Braddon, Canberra. It was our first visit to the market even though we have been living in the neighbourhood for more than 4 years.

My colleague who teaches Chilean Spanish told me I have to try the Pupusas & Tamales. So I did and I think the Tamales is better.


Then as usual we went for a massage & then went to the Husband’s friend’s parents’s house to help them with their computers. I always enjoy talking with the Mother of our friend. Somehow she reminds me of my late mum.

She was a bit upset about something & it made me upset to see her upset. I then asked her something more happier which was how she managed to educate her children well. She said that all her friends children do very well at school as well. It’s embedded in the culture. A lot of children she knows got 99% or 100% for their year 12 exam. Her son got 97 and daughter got 94.5 (that’s why she only can do law not medicine). I had a lovely time chatting with her & promised we’ll make a time for dinner at their place within a month.

The highlight of the evening was going to see “Yes, Prime Minister” at the Canberra theatre. We had a great seat in C rows (6 rows from the stage). It was our second best seat so far after the Tom Jones show in Vegas (where literally I can see Tom Jones’ nostril hair– yes, we were That closed).

I think the show was funny & the dialogue was witty. The stage was really good though. The guy who played Sir Humphrey did his role outstandingly.


Well, I enjoy this more than the TV show because most of the time I didn’t get the jokes from the TV show due to my language & cultural barriers.

I did asked Andrew Barr via twitter, a member of the ACT Legislative Assembly, who was watching the show at the same time as we did on his opinion. He wrote that:
“@ABarrMLA: @ShintaBenilda not so sure about the storyline. Not quite the same without Eddington, Hawthorne and Fowlds.”

I agree with him on the storyline. They seemed to dwell to much on a particular scene. Well, it was enjoyable indeed.

Today I was wearing this to the market and all except for the theatre:


– top from Laura Ashley
– orange vest from A Live Girl
– black sweater from David Lawrence
– tights from Alannah Hill
– boots from DSW shoes
– bag from Kate Spade New York


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