Style File – 21 March 2012 (First Cycle Flopped)

Our first pregnancy program cycle wasn’t successful. The nurse called me late afternoon and wondering why she didn’t see good signs of hormone levels & asked whether I had my period. She told me that in paper it was all good. Great egg, very good hormones and if it’s only on paper, we should be successful now.

So she asked me how I feel & I told her I’m okay despite a very crazy stomach cramp attack that made me had to stop my class half way through. So lucky my student was very understanding.

I’m still suffering from the pain now and smelling like the bee oil (minyak Tawon) with a heat pad on my tummy.

Tomorrow will be the start for the second cycle. Hopefully it’ll work out, otherwise we’ll do the third one after that.

Tolstoy wrote to love life. I’m loving every moment now because soon this pain will become a distant memory when happiness takes place.

This is what I was wearing to work today:


– top from Cue
– pants from Mossman
– shoes from Charles & Keith
– bag from Prada


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