Style File – 19 March 2012 (Marble Cake Recipe – Resep Kek Marmer)

Nothing really special today except work was fun as always.

I feel totally bloated and yucky & the husband was so sweet to made a marble cake (Indonesian style) for me.

Below is the recipe for the marble cake.


250g margarine
250g sugar
250g Flour
5 eggs- separate yolk
5 tbs cocoa
1 tbs emulsifier (TBM in Indonesian/Asian grocery shop)

Cooking instruction:

1. Beat egg whites until white & puffy
2. Mix butter, sugar, eggs yolk together
3. Put in the flour bit by bit, alternate with the eggs white from no.1 & put in the TBM, mix together until well combined
4. butter the baking pan
5. put half of the mixture to the baking pan

The other half mixture:
6. Mix cocoa with 1/2 glass of water and mix it in the mixture
7. Put he chocolate mixture on top of no.5 and mix it with fork

Bake 45-50 min in 180 degrees fan forced oven.

This is the photo of the cake:


Today I was wearing:


– dress from portmans
– black tank top from G-2000
– shoes from Charles & Keith (one of a very few shop who made shoes my size nowadays)
– bag from Kate Spade, New York
– earrings from Mimco


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