Style File – 18 March 2012 (Go Team!)

Sundays are my routine day in preparation for the week ahead.

The morning starts by staying in bed for a while to read e-books, buying things online or tweeting.

Then the husband & I shared housework and set a maximum 1 hour to clean the place before doing other stuff.

Our other stuff today included washing the car, going to Myer about the Chanel perfume that wouldn’t spray, changing my car’s windscreen wipers and organising my clothes & shoes.

I have put almost all the clothes that I’ve worn in this blog into the storage and got some other clothes from the storage out. It feels like going shopping but the location is in the apartment basement.

I also call all my family & best friends on Sundays. Today I made 3 calls to Indonesia, 1 call to America, 1 call to Singapore & 1 call to Sydney. I’m loving my Telstra pre-paid plan for sure! I pay $50 a month for $1000 worth of calls, texts & data. Great for a girl with family and friends scattering all over the globe.

At the end of the day, we had a lot things done including the washing & our meals for next week. Go team!!

Today I was wearing:


– dress is Batik inspired. I bought at ICE shop for $10
– shoes & sunglasses from Charles & Keith
– bag from Miu Miu
– earrings from the Mets shop online
– necklace from handblown glass artisan shop in Murano, Venice
– ring from Venice
– belt from other dress


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