Style File – 17 March 2012 (Wet Skyfire)

I had a great day today. In the morning we went for a room inspection on behalf of a girlfriend who might come & live in Canberra for around 3 months.

Then as usual we have our Balinese massage session for two hours. It is the thing that we always look forward to every Saturday.

Initially we were going to have lunch with a girlfriend & her husband at the Legend restaurant in Manuka but apparently they are closed for lunch every Saturday. Somehow I think only in Canberra you can afford to close on a busy day. We had a quick lunch at Zambero instead and then went to Costco together.

This is what I was wearing then:


– jacket from BCBG Max Azria
– t-shirt from SABA
– leggings from Berkins
– bag from Miu Miu
– necklace was a gift from my father in law on my birthday last year

We went for an early dinner at a colleague’s place where I met all the spouses of our students & they met ours. It was great to put faces to the names.

It was raining hard but we went to Skyfire anyway. Skyfire is a fireworks show organised by a local radio 104.7. I don’t know why they do this a week after the Canberra day fireworks.

The great thing about it was I got to hang out with my girlfriends and their families in the rain. Then they came over for coffee at our place. I always enjoy their company & it feels so relaxing with them around because we are so comfortable with each other.

This is what I was wearing until it got too cold & wet:


– dress from Garfunkle
– necklace was a gift from my previous student
– headband from Mimco
– shoes from Nine West


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