Style File – 14 Feb 2012 (Fingers Crossed)

The nurse from my doctor’s office called and said my progesterone level is 128. I don’t really know what it means but she said it is a good sign that if things go as planned, we might be pregnant next week.

Otherwise then we have to start another cycle of treatment again.

I think at this stage, I’ll just do whatever the doctor’s office told me to do. Somehow I found talking about the treatment bores me coz it’s not very interesting & full of pain.

This morning, I feel that I moved much slower than normal (which was still the slowest of the group) during bootcamp. My breasts are all sore even when they touched my sport bra. I can talk & complain about everything that I feel forever…

The most difficult thing is to see the positive thing out of this not so easy ordeal.

Now I’m wondering how come my grandma can have 13 children and not complain at all.

Today I was wearing:


– Dress from Just Taylor
– Shoes from Nine West
– Earrings from Venice, Italy
– Bag from Louis Vuitton


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