Style File – 12 March 2012 (Minus One)

I think I know many people in Canberra but have less than 10 really good friends.

Today one of my good friends is leaving to work overseas. One part of me is happy for her because I always believe that one won’t leave a place unless they have a better offer somewhere else. So if she decided to go the offer must be something better than here.

Another part of me feels sad because I’m losing a good friend. We always catch up & hang out together. We confide in and trust each other.

So here I am minus one really good friend yet feeling proud of her achievement as well.

Today I was just sleeping in, going for the Balinese massage & catching up with another really good friend of mine.

This is what I was wearing when I went out to catch up with him:


– Top from Cotton On
– Skirt from Review
– Shoes from Prada
– Bag from Miu Miu
– Headpiece from Mimco


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