Style File – 9 March 2012 (Karaoke Pub)

My girlfriend asked about a karaoke pub in Canberra. I haven’t been to one yet & I didn’t know.

So today I went to the Irish pub at 6 Parkinson st in Weston suburb of Canberra with some girlfriends to see what’s a karaoke in a pub looks like. They only do Karaoke on Friday nights. One of us had to be a member in order to get everyone else in. It costs $7 for a year membership.

I was quite surprise to see some of the patrons sang well. I thought it’ll be full of people with too much drink somehow. I was also surprised to see there are so many young people in the club. I thought the younger generation would prefer going to a more hip bar than karaoke for Friday night.

I’m not really impressed and somehow felt bored. I think my girlfriends felt the same way.

This is what I was wearing today:

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